Sunday, 22 February 2009

The SuperWave™ Fusion Process

SuperWave™ Fusion is an excess-heat producing reaction created by a SuperWave™-induced interaction of palladium and deuterium.

This energy producing interaction is driven by a complex, nested, “waves-waving-within-waves” signal discovered by Dr. Irving Dardik of Energetics Technologies. In the current apparatus, this proprietary SuperWave™ signal is delivered via an electric current to a custom module containing a palladium cathode and D2O (deuterium instead of hydrogen in the water molecule). The end result is the release of energy as the deuterium atoms disassociate from the heavy water and load into the palladium lattice, allowing their wave-based energy structures to interact. The principal outputs from this interaction are heat and apparently small quantities of 4He, a non-radioactive isotope of Helium. Research to verify the 4He is currently underway.

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Energetics Technologies’ SuperWave™ Fusion has the potential to:

  • Provide an inexpensive, inexhaustible fuel source
  • Produce no significantly measurable hazardous by-products
  • Revolutionize the concept of energy production
  • Be a groundbreaking Green Energy source


  1. This is amazing news! I went to their website
    they seem to really have something here!
    They say 2 independent labs have replicated the results. This could really solve the World's energy problems.

  2. If this is so good then how come it hasnt been better publisized?

  3. At least from the 60 minutes piece, 2 things seem clear: 1. that excess heat is being generated, and, 2. that they still do not understand the output process. Yes this is exciting, but they should be wary about over-publicizing until they have a better understanding of how the heat generation occurs.

  4. Seems to me its the same basic problem as ever. They still have not proven He production which is the required waste product to prove nuclear fusion. Even if its true.

    This is a lab experiment. It still has to overcome.


    To scale it to commercial use is probably totally unfeasible.

  5. What if the kinetics of the process could be driven exponentially? i.e. could it be weaponized?

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